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Noam Elimelech Video no more habits no more same old beans

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Shalom uBracha I will imy"H be next week on a speaking trip in Hendon London from Thursday through Sunday, if anyone will be in London and would like to stop by to hear the shiur, meet me and or purchase any seforim or just to say Shalom Aleichem would be happy to meet any of you on my list that reside in the UK
I will be giving a shiur Thursday night at 62 brent street in Hendon. The shul where I will be davening on Shabbos is Nishmas Yisroel at 4 Brent Green which is across the street. I will imyh be giving a shiur on Pirkei Avos before Mincha and during Shalosh Seudos

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Noam Elimelech & Likuttei Shoshana - What is it?

Shalom Aleichem and enjoy the free video classes I will post more soon!

The Rebbe Reb Melech author of the Noam Elimelech has a section known as Likutei Shoshana, A collection of Roses, which is a collection of shorter and deep chassidic teachings on a variety of topics.

Some of these highlight and embelish teachings found in Noam Elimelech as well. Others are unique.

With the success of our Pearls of Noam Elimelech we are hoping to translate more!

If you havent done so please order the sefer or pick one up in a local seforim store.

If you are interested in helping produce more seforim and translation from Great rebbes like the Ba'al Shem Tov's grandson the Degel, The Kedushas Levi and More Noam Elimelech please contact me for dedications and sponsorship oppurtunites at tal.zwecker@gmail.com .


Likutei Shoshana - Ze HaYom Asa Hashem Nagila ve'NiSmcha Bo

The Noam Elimelech teaches us: Every hour of every day must be infused with love and fear/awe of Hashem